June 9, 2023

Anna Wallander: We feel very secure without it being too expensive for us. Digip's brand protection model is smart and their platform works well.

We feel very secure without it being too expensive for us. Digip's brand protection model is smart and their platform works well.
Anna Wallander

The ambition is to be a leading brand in jewelery in Europe. And the company is already on the right track. A large part of our journey has been to build a strong global brand. With that also comes brand protection, and as a former lawyer I understood the importance of having a safe brand partner by our side, says Anna Wallander, co-founder and CEO of AKIND.

A few years ago, Anna Wallander left her job as a business lawyer for a life as an entrepreneur, where she makes sustainable jewelry from recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. A somewhat different and long step it may seem. But if you have a dream and a good idea, you have to take care of it.

I saw that the interest in lab-grown diamonds is increasing in several places around the world and also noted that there was not really anyone who fully invested in this in Europe. As I am a business-driven person, I decided to invest, says Anna Wallander.

Less impact on the environment

After a deep dive into the subject and many hours of research, she started AKIND, a sustainable jewelry concept that challenges the traditional jewelry industry. Lab-grown diamonds are created in much the same way as natural stones, but the process takes place in a laboratory instead of mines and is both faster and more durable.

Our diamonds are just as genuine as mined diamonds - but with the advantage that they have significantly less ethical and climatic impact. Manufacturing requires only a fraction of the resources of mining and the whole process is much cleaner.

All AKIND jewelry is also made from 100 percent recycled 14 or 18 karat solid gold, never plated or filled. In this way, the objects do not oxidize or discolour.

Today we have a collection with a balance of modern and timeless jewelery that we are very proud of. We have built up the brand thoroughly and awareness of us is growing steadily, says Anna Wallander.

The company grows as well. In addition to Sweden, AKIND is also present today in Germany and the Netherlands and in several new markets. The products are sold exclusively via our own e-commerce directly to customers, approximately half of which go to Germany, where interest in sustainability is great.

Safe with the expansion

A good idea and a strong brand must also be protected. Anna Wallander knew that from her time as a lawyer. But the process of protecting a brand is often both complicated and time-consuming. Also very expensive. It is a big problem for many entrepreneurs with scarce resources. Many people understand that trademark protection is important, but don't have the time to learn the complex steps to do it themselves. They also don't have the time or money to hire a lawyer.

Fortunately, a few years ago I already received tips about Digip and have also worked with them. So when we now needed help protecting our brand, it was obvious to contact them again, says Anna Wallander.

Digip is a digital platform and is completely different from the traditional way of working with trademark protection. The customers themselves apply to register their brand on the digital platform and by subsequently signing a subscription, you also get help with the continued work of monitoring and protecting the brand. It also includes advice from Digip's trademark experts and lawyers.

We feel very secure without it being too expensive for us. Digip's brand protection model is smart and their platform works well. They also take the time to help and give advice. As we expand in Europe, it is important to have a partner who stands by us and with whom we can discuss, for example which classes we should seek protection for, says Anna Wallander.

Originally published in Swedish on Dagens Industri: https://www.di.se/brandstudio/digip/hon-satsar-pa-labbodlade-diamanter-och-bygger-globalt-varumarke/

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