March 2, 2024

Tilo Weigandt: Simplicity, clear information, and being a one-stop shop.

Simplicity, clear information, and being a one-stop shop.
Tilo Weigandt
COO & Co-Founder of Vaultree

Imagine starting a global security revolution from an Irish dairy farm. Sounds pretty unique, right? That's exactly how Vaultree, under the guidance of co-founder and COO Tilo Weigandt as well as his co-founder and CEO Ryan Lasmaili, began its journey. Tilo shared with us how Vaultree's commitment to treating data privacy as a fundamental human right has fueled their rapid ascent from conceptual stages to becoming a leader in data encryption.

Vaultree's story is a fascinating blend of ambition and innovation. They've spent almost a decade in stealth mode, perfecting their craft and making significant advances in Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). Their mission? To revolutionize data security, democratize encryption, and ensure data is always encrypted.

The Challenge of Protecting Innovations

Vaultree's path wasn't without its hurdles. As Tilo explained, their work's innovative nature meant they had a lot riding on their intellectual property (IP) and brand protection. This was a big deal for them, as their brand and technology connection is crucial due to their groundbreaking potential.

Initially, they managed their trademark registrations themselves, using platforms like GoDaddy. However, as they grew, they realized they needed a partner who could offer simplicity and a comprehensive solution. Enter Digip.

Why Digip Became the Chosen One

Tilo was candid about why Vaultree chose Digip: “It was all about simplicity, clarity of information, and the allure of a one-stop-shop for our needs.” Moving to Digip was transformative, shifting from a more localized approach to Digip's streamlined and efficient process was incredibly refreshing.

This partnership with Digip isn't just transactional; it's strategic. For Vaultree, Digip represents simplicity and cost-efficiency, two essential elements as they look towards expansion.

Tilo's Advice: Embrace Digitalization

When asked about advice for organizations on the fence about digitalizing their trademark process, Tilo was clear: "Go for it. You'll save time, reduce confusion, and benefit from diligent, efficient legal support."

Vaultree's experience with Digip has been transformative, marked by reduced costs, less time spent on trademark management, and improved brand visibility. It's a testament to the value of embracing digital solutions for IP and brand protection.

The Road Ahead

Tilo's story, from the pastoral beginnings of Vaultree on an Irish dairy farm to its status as a data encryption leader, underscores the importance of innovation, strategic partnerships, and the relentless pursuit of data privacy as a human right.

Vaultree's partnership with Digip illustrates how companies can come together to achieve common goals, showcasing a future where data privacy is not just an aspiration but a reality.

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