Step by step Guide

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    As soon as your trademark application is submitted it is a matter of public information.

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    Register critical domain name before you submit your trademark application otherwise someone else might take them.

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    All domain names can be managed in your digip customer zone.

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    Expert attorneys will oversee your trademark application and recommend any changes before submitting your trademark application.

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    Digip offers full money back guarantee on trademark applications that are not submitted for application after review by expert attorneys.

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    You can follow your application and will receive updates in your digip customer zone.

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    After your trademark application is registered. We will store your trademark registration certificates in your Customer zone.

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    Pro tips on how to optimize and expand your trademark portfolio.

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    Digip will report any similar trademark applications and help stop anyone copying your trademark.

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Your Assets


DigIP platform integrates trademarks, domain names and technical services with all the tools and strategical guidance you need to manage your assets. You are always backed up by an experienced team of trademark lawyers and IT-experts and a digital case management system.

Cost Efficient

Creating a new brand or lack trademark protection? Use our trademark scan and receive a prediction within in minutes cost free. Continue to file your trademark online and save valuable time and money!

Trademark management

All brands are stored and managed in DigIP platform and provides a safe environment for all trademark registrations. You will have an overview of all trademarks and details such as status, registry, classes, filing and expire etc.

Trademark watch included

To avoid your business being involved in legal trademark disputes, your brand will always be protected by a trademark watch that scans for potential infringements. Sole rights to your brand are key to your success.

Global domain names

Never forget to register your brands digital rights such as domain names. DigIP offers worldwide domain registration and management, no need for multiple service providers.

DNS and technical services

Activate your domain names and manage DNS to reduce risks for cyberattacks. Nodesecure global redundant anycast service is included and gives you extremely high availability and fast access times.



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What Clients Say

“The inefficiencies and lack of transparency in traditional trademarking mean this industry is ripe for disruption and this is why we invested in Digip. Through their platform, many startups can avoid legal risks and secure long-term brand investment. In addition, Digip's offering is integrated with Antler's global hub to give our 200+ portfolio companies the possibility to trademark their brand in a fast and efficient manner.”

Livia Moore

Associate Partner at Antler

“As an investor, it is critical that the company has total control of it’s IP assets before making an investment. provides comprehensive IP control and protection with systematic follow ups that ensures us that our investment is safe.”

Peter Brodén

Partner at Aggregate Media

“I used digip to trademark my brand and compared to previous firms this was super smooth, very professional and excellent executed. I recommend digip!”

Josef Fallesen

Partner at CG Partners

“Team digip are excellent IP business developers & enablers who supported in providing the ground for Daniel Wellington’s online brand protection program. I have continued working with them since and especially enjoy their great business strategic skills in combination with their deep subject matter expertise within digital IP - a unique combination that makes digip one of the absolute top advisers out there.”

Måns Sjöstrand

Head of IP & Brand Protection, Daniel Wellington.