June 9, 2023
Peter Beckman: There are not many services that are so easy to use as Digip
There are not many services that are so easy to use as Digip
Peter Beckman
CEO of Treyd

Treyd not only creates growth opportunities for other companies. They are also growing themselves at a furious pace and reached over SEK 1 billion in lending volume just three years after the start. As we expand globally, we depend on good brand protection in many different countries. It gives us security so that we can focus on our business, says Peter Beckman, CEO of Treyd.

Having to pay suppliers first and sell later can be a problem for growing companies that trade in physical products. The faster the company grows, the more capital is also needed to finance purchases and inventory.

We have met so many good and responsible companies, and they say the same thing - this is a catch 22 that makes it almost impossible for them to grow. Not infrequently they have to say no to customers, which is of course crazy, says Peter Beckman and continues: so when we were asked if we could find a good solution to the problem, we did a deep dive to investigate the possibilities.

Solves import companies' challenges

The result was a completely new financing option for international purchases. By using real-time accounting data to credit growth companies, Treyd can quickly offer credit to cover the time between when the customer pays their subcontractor and when the money from the sale comes in.

In this way, completely new growth opportunities are opened up for companies in trade and then companies do not have to sit around with money waiting for goods, says Peter Beckman. He describes this as one of the biggest challenges for importing companies.

Today, 30 percent of world trade, i.e. approximately 6,000 billion dollars, takes place with advance payment. It clearly shows the extent of the problem and the challenge it poses to many companies' cash flow and growth.Another important aspect is that Treyd enables larger purchases, which both results in a lower purchase price and reduces shipping costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

Cracked the billion dam

Since Treyd launched in the spring of 2020, their own growth journey has gone like a train. Today, three years after the start, they have already broken the billion mark in lending volume and the company is now present throughout the Nordics and Great Britain. The plan is to also expand to the USA and a few more countries in Europe.

It has really gone well and we have grown extremely fast.

An important aspect of the growth journey, which Peter Beckman and his co-founder Sameh El-Ansary were well aware of from the start, was that the company needed satisfactory brand protection. When I previously started a company, I did all the trademark registration myself. It has taken a long time and easily gone wrong. Now we had heard about Digip and it felt obvious to hire them instead.

Digip is a digital platform and is completely different from the traditional way of working with trademark protection. The customers themselves apply to register their brand on the digital platform and then sign a subscription that gives them help in the continued work of monitoring and protecting the brand. The registration was so incredibly simple. I filled in which regions we wanted trademark protection, got a price that was very reasonable, and then it was done. The problem was solved. There are not many services that are so easy to use, he says.

Without the trademark protection, we would not have had the same peace of mind to expand. At that time, we had always had a concern that someone else would be able to register the same trademark in another country, which could mean that we would have to redo our trademark. Given that we invested a lot in building brand awareness, it would be incredibly difficult.

Originally published in Swedish on Dagens Industri: https://www.di.se/brandstudio/digip/fintechbolaget-vaxer-i-raketfart-sa-skyddar-de-affaren/

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