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What’s the reason of owning a trademark if you don’t protect it?

Owning you brand is the first step, but what’s the point of owning a trademark if others own and using the same trademark?

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Did you know?

An identical trademark can be owned/registered by several parties.

Did you know?

It’s your responsibility to stop others from trademarking your brand, trademark authorities are leaving that responsibility to trademark owners.

Did you know?

To be able to stop others from registering your trademark, you need information when someone else is trying to trademark something you own.​

Did you know?

Exact or similar trademark applications could happen without the knowledge that you already own it (non-intentional). Without a trademark watch, this risk increases significantly.

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Keep each trademark strategically updated with your markets, instantly understand if you are at risk.

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Access your entire trademark portfolio digitally in one place, all trademarks are constantly updated.

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Easily protect your trademark against threats from others, weekly results and act with the help from trademark experts.

Step-by-step guide

1. Select your existing trademark registrations

Select the registered trademarks you want to transfer over to Digip ́s trademark management.

2. Invoice & payment

Choose between monthly and yearly payments to Digip. The transfer of your trademarks are free of charge.

3. Immediate action & guidance

Digip will process the order and contact you within 24 hours to get a power of attorney signed so we are able to transfer your trademarks.

4. Confirm & onboarding

Once we have gotten the PoA signed, and transferred your trademarks to our platform, you will have an on-boarding meeting to get to know the Digip platform.