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Digip API

Get the power of Digip's trademark search and registration capabilities at your fingertips! Our API gives you insider access to our trademark technology so you integrate it into your systems and boost your own business capabilities.

Our API is available for use by law firms, web platforms, digital services, VCs, accelerators, and brand agencies. Here are some ways it can help:

Manage your clients’ trademarks

Add more value in your customer journey

Strengthen your investment and governance process

Register trademarks for growing brands

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VC Firm
Accelerator & Incubators
Law Firm
Brand Agencies
Web & Digital Services

For Venture Capitalists

Become a VC Partner to Digip and expose any trademark or domain name risk your coming acquire or assess the current IP risk of your existing portfolio holdings.

Free due diligence for trademarks and domain name for new investments

Existing portfolio IP review for trademark and domain names

Cost-efficient solution for all holdings

For Accelerators & Incubators

Trademarks and domain can have a huge impact when scaling up brands to new markets. With Digip, you can offer your members access to most intelligent trademark search and platform to make sure companies secure trademarks and domains before they execute.

Risk analysis of existing brand names

Trademarks registration prediction to scale up countries

Low-cost filling to secure trademark protection

For Law Firms

As a law firm you can integrate the Digip trademark search into your internal workflows. Digip will help you manage your clients trademarks in the Digip platform and integrate them smoothly into your internal systems and workflows.

Trademark prediction and domain name analysis

Low-cost filing to secure trademark protection

Tailored webinars to your audience

For Brand Agencies

As a branding agency you can integrate digip trademark search into your internal workflows and processes. This enables your team to create brands that can be trademarked and strengthens your service offering.

Tailored name process to ensure smoothness

Trademark prediction and domain name analysis

Mitigate IP risk proactively

For Web Platforms & Digital Services

As a web platform or digital service business trademarking services can be complementary to your service offering, you can integrate Digip trademark search and trademark registration functionality into your customer journey. By integrating with the Digip API you strengthen your product offering and earn additional revenue.

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