Step by Step Guide

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    As you launch a new brand always register your domain name before applying for trademark protection.

  • 2

    Do not only secure your main site domain name also register domain names in key markets.

  • 3

    Consider registering important keywords to your business as domain names. You can build unique sites and control the narrative in these product verticals.

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    Digip platform handles all domain registrations.

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    All domain names are auto renewed you can easily manage your portfolio in your customer zone.

  • 3

    Manage DNS settings of all your domain name in your customer zone.

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    Redirect all domain names to your main site

  • 2

    Setup DNSSEC and HTTPS (SSL) and DMARC on your domain name portfolio for optimized domain name security.

  • 3

    Digip platform monitors and stops domain name registration copying and fraudulent use of domain names.

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Our Services

Domain Management Platform

Effectively manage entire domain portfolio, domains are stored safely with 24/7 online access.

DNS Management

All domains automatically include DNS services ready to use so that you may fast and easy activate your domain.

Global ICANN Domain Registration

Over 1,000 domain TLD extensions are available with our ICANN accredited domain registrar partner.

ANYCAST DNS for All Active Domains

Secure your online presence with NodeSecure, a redundant ANYCAST network with global reach to give you extremely high availability and fast access times.

Free SSL Certificate With Every Domain

All domains include SSL protection developed by DigiCert security experts.

DMARC – Email Protection Study Included

Fake emails and impersonation attacks put your business at high risk. Together with leading DMARC provider Red Sift, a study will always be included free of charge.

Customer Support Management

Handle everything yourself or use our integrated customer support.

Need Legal Assistance?

Do not worry, digip legal department will manage any IP matter that may arise and has a global partnership with legal experts.