The trademark watch service is advanced yet simple to managestay alert and defend your trademark from similar trademark applications!

  • Advanced watch technology.
  • Global coverage.
  • Supports words and logotypes.
  • Weekly reports.
  • Easy and time-efficient.
  • Legal advice

Digip uses the worlds most sophisticated trademark similarity technology, created by mathematicians, computer scientists and linguists. It is built on machine learning, statistics and hundreds of thousands of trademark conflicts. It finds over 99% of all potential conflicts and far better than a human. The Digip watch service is robust, trusted and fast!

The trademark watch covers over 240 trademark databases and 190+ countries, weather you are a global company or rapidly expanding your brand, Digip will support and protect your brand all the way.

Trademark registrations can be words, logotypes and combinations. It is fundamental for Digip to offer a full range watch services and that is why the technology supports every type of trademark.

The time frame to stop another conflicting trademark application with the trademark office can be very short, to be proactive and not miss crucial deadlines, trademark watch reports are published on a weekly basis.

It can be difficult and time consuming to read trademark reports, especially in an excel or email format. To save time and money Digip has integrated and transformed trademark reports to a digital format, everything delivered through the Digip platform.

Are you unsure and need legal advice on a trademark watch result that you consider taking legal action on? No need to worry, simply use the case management system in the Digip platform and we will give you expert advice on how to proceed.

  • Value of watch service
  • Increased chance of similar trademarks
  • Why is watch needed?
  • Easy, trusted, and reliable watch service by digip
  • Affordable and avoid legal spend


If the application is not stopped by you, someone else also owns trademark rights to your brand.

A brand can be powerful but also vulnerable. Other business owners and/or persons can file a trademark that is identical to your brand or similar enough so that a consumer cannot tell the difference.

If some sells and market your product and services, your brand reputation will be compromised and your ability to price your product and/or services will be affected. The negative outcomes from allowing others from trademark registering your brand are so vital that it is almost pointless to own a trademark if you do not protect it.


In 2018, trademark filing increased with 15.5% and it was the fourth consecutive year trademark filing has increased.

With the volume of new trademark applications, it is no longer a question if someone applies for an identical or very similar trademark, rather it is when.

The driving factors behind the increase in trademark filing is how fast a new company can be setup and running and how rapidly companies are able to reach global audience through digital marketing. Bear in mind, not all identical or similar trademark filings are deliberately, it could just be the fact that they came up with the same name that you did!


The official trademark offices across the world does not operate and analyze applications the same way.

Some office reviews a new trademark application if there are conflicting marks but many of them does not review for conflicting trademarks for your, rather it is your obligation as a trademark owner to stop those trademarks that you think is conflicting with your brand.

It may also be that the person at the official trademark office that reviews a trademark application does not think that it is conflicting with your brand even if it is similar. That is why there is always an opposition period for all trademarks where other may complain.Ultimately it is your own duty and obligation to stop identical or similar trademark applications.

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Many watch services provided by traditional law firms are expensive and difficult to review, data and delivery does not come in a digital format.

The digip team has worked hard to delivery an easy, understandable, and reliable trademark watch service with global coverage in a digital and fully accessible way.

Here is how digip stands out:

  • Delivered in digip platform, available 24/7.
  • The world's best trademark similarity technology.
  • Global coverage with from 190 countries.
  • Weekly reporting.
  • Risk scoring indicator to help understand data.
  • Available support expertise and customer management system.


It has always been core to use automation, technology, and know-how to deliver a service that is easy-to-use, trustworthy, and affordable for all SME.

Our digital watch service is cost-cutting an because of how frequent the reports are delivered; you will always have the choice to stop a trademark application before the opposition deadline expires.

All tough it is possible to annul a trademark application after it is registered, the legal actions required are very costly and there is never such thing as a guaranteed outcome.