digip™ has 20+ years experience of strategic brand protection from both the legal & digital side.


digip™ will simplify and challenge a yet to be digitized intellectual property market. Our core belief is that you as a customer understand your business best. Together we leverage this know-how and the best technology in the market to implement bespoke, strategic and holistic brand protection solutions.


digip™ has over twenty years experience of strategic brand protection advice from both the legal & digital side. From our experience in the market we have an understanding of the inefficiencies of traditional intellectual property services. Whilst the market is yet not digital, there are innovative solutions to simplify and provide meaningful customer experiences. We exist to promote these innovative technologies and provide powerful and meaningful experiences for our client base.


digip™ will change how intellectual property services are delivered to clients. This is done through constant dialogue and sitting at the same side of the table as our clients. In today's digital world it is our strong belief that clients expect a strong digital experience. We strive to deliver this experience now and in the future.



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