The Power of an European Trademark

Even if you have a small interest in business, you probably know what a trademark is, and you most likely know that a trademark is often one of the most valuable asset within a successful company. It is your, as a business owner, foremost duty to protect your trademark and although almost everyone know of its importance, not everyone know how to actually protect it. Let us tell you that, in this digital age, everything has been made easier in the past a few years, similarly trademark protection has also become more streamlined and now you can do tbe trademark application yourself. You heard it right; you can protect your trademark directly and without the help of expensive trademark attorneys. Let us explain how it can be done but before we do, let us explain why it is important.

Importance and the power of a European trademark

A trademark for a business is its distinguishing sign and it differentiates among the services of one company from another. Trademark can be understood as the indicator of a business origin and it can be in the form of logos, words or even devices. Moreover, the owners can also use any distinctive features as trademarks and also a combination of all these can be used as a trademark. Sometimes these distinctive trademarks are also referred as ‘brands’. Your trademark works as an engine of innovation because the company keeps investing in research and development to keep the trademark relevant and consequently the products are improved and developed.  Trademarks help you keep customers’ loyalty and create more value and growth in the business. According to a research in 2013 almost 21% of jobs in Europe were created by trademark-intensive industries.

Choosing a European trademark over the national alternatives is usually an easy choice if you understand the difference between the two options. The application processes are similar and both EUIPO and most national applications can be completed digitally. Both options gives the same kind of brand protection but what makes a EUIPO alternative so powerful is that one application gives you trademark protection within all European member states with only one application instead of several. It is also much more cost effective and you can do the application in English so no need for translations. So if you are unsure if in the future you will only have operations on a national level or an international one we strongly recommend EUIPO. 

How to protect the trademark

In order to protect your trademark you need to register it first and you can do trademark registration Europe using two ways. You can register your trademark at national level in any EU country by going to industrial property offices. You can also register your trademark at EU level as a ‘European Union Trade Mark’ (EUTM) by going to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Trademarks are exclusive to every company and they are registered so no one else can use it.

Protecting Trademark through digips Application

You might think it is headache to go to different offices and get your trademark registered, but you don’t have to worry anymore because we are here for you to help. You can use our convenient free search to get an idea whether you are able to protect your trademark. You then use the digip to register your brand in all European countries.

All you have to is search your brand and purchase our trademark registration solution. We will handle rest for you.