Beware the domain and social media pirates

Domain names are one of the most important aspects so you can promote your brand. Domains names are also considered the forefront of the digital experience for the past few decades. They are providing different businesses with real estate so the businesses can make an online presence and provide their clients with doorways and virtual access as well.

Importance of a Domain Name

Brand value can also be assessed by a domain name, and it is a significant part of the brand valuation. Choosing a domain name could be a complicated task and can be critical if a person does not know how to choose a domain name. The complication is because many dictionary words have with .com have been taken. According to an estimate, approximately 130 million .com domain names have already been registered.

Branded domain names help in establishing the business brand as your own, and it prevents your competitor that they don’t buy rights to your business’s domain name either accidentally or even on purpose.  

Threat to Trademark

Even if you have chosen a trademark, got it registered and there is always some threat to your trademarks because there are domain pirates who will hi-jack your domain name and social media accounts matching trademarks whenever they get a chance. Once you get your trademark protected by being vigilant about the domain name, then it becomes a matter of public record, and that’s when domain pirate sees the opportunity and avail it. You will have to be really cautious as you should own all the social media accounts and domain names that you want to use for your brand before you apply for your trademark registration. 

How to Protect Domain Registration

If you do not take domain name protection seriously, it could pose a severe threat to your trademark security and consequently your brand’s security. You can take the following steps to protect your domain names.

  1. First of all, you need to purchase your desired domain on all the domain extensions including .net, .com, and .org. This could be the best way to keep your domain name protected from your competitors.

  2. You need to go a long mile to protect your domain name and look at your competitors’ strategy too. For instance, a domain extension “.info” is more famous with businesses these days and if your competitors are purchasing that extension, you will have to buy it too. You might want to buy a domain extension with a country code as well.

  3. Keep your focus on the domain names, which are relevant, and stay away from unnecessary trouble.

  4. If you want to be extra cautious, you can also consider purchasing misspellings and standard variation of your brand domain names. This would be a sagacious move because it will help you divert the traffic from your competitors’ site, which has just gone to the other site. After all, they mistyped the name.

If you follow these steps, you will able to protect your business reputation, your brand name, and control your business.