MedTech trademarking man holding products

As much as we are growing, in terms of technology and overall growth of the world, there are more diseases which are being discovered with the passage of time. There are more chronic conditions in the world now more than ever. However, the good thing is that there are better ways to handle healthcare as well. Health issues are now handled in a reactive way. Diseases can be cured as early as they are diagnosed and there is more emphasis on proactivity in the health sector now than ever before. Technology experts are combining smart digital solutions with medical equipment and traditional medical knowledge. Startups are changing the way healthcare is accessed. All these positive steps are making healthcare even more efficient and proactive than ever.

HealthTech is a fast-growing industry vertical that combines health with technology and tries to provide the patients with superior quality healthcare. Your business can only succeed if you win customer’s trust and protecting your trademark is the first step towards winning customer’s trust.

Tips to Protect your Trademark

Here are a few tips which will help you protect your trademark for your HealthTech startup.

  1. First, you need to search for a fanciful and distinct trademark for your FoodTech business which also gives a hint towards what your business has to offer for your customer.

  2. Once you have selected the trademark, you should search and apply for trademark registration in key your key markets. When you research your trademark, you search in certain product categories that are relevant for you, these categories are

    1. Software and apps (Class 9) - HealthTech is going to include apps, software, and electronic devices this class is key for most HealthTech startups.

    2. Pharmaceuticals (Class 5) - Some HealthTech startups deal with every aspect of healthcare, including pharmaceuticals. This class is key if your product offering include pharmaceuticals.

    3. Medical Equipment (Class 10) - Another aspect of healthcare is medical equipment and a HealthTech startup. If you manufacture and sell medical equipment this class is key for you.

    4. Digital services and SAAS (Class 42) - Digital subscription service models will be used in many HealthTech startups. If SaaS style offerings are part of your solution include class 42 in your search.

    5. Medical Services (Class 44) - Some HealthTech startup deals with medical services if you do services then include class 44 in your search.
    6. Personal and Social Services (Class 45) - Your HealthTech startup might deal with patient’s personal health problems and social services like therapy and coaching. If you do include class 45 in your search.

  3. After searching make sure that you apply for trademark registration in your key markets. For the European Union you can apply for trademark protection in all EU countries with one trademark application.

  4. Once you are done with searching and applying for classes and your trademark is registered, you should keep monitoring for misuse of your brand name to ensure that no one copies your trademark.