Big Data Trademark protection best practice

Our digital world runs on data. Everything in the digital world and on digital platforms is delivered using data and algorithms and structures. For huge amounts of data, a term is used which is called Big Data. It calls for a lot of large volume of data in terms of both structured and unstructured data. It inundates a business on a day-to-day basis and uses in bulk volumes around the world for different businesses. Ever increasing internet connectivity drives data volumes ever upwards. This natural resource of the digital age is increasing every minute and the use is multifold in terms of business, technology, and other important aspects of data usage.  Big Data startup’s help different companies to transfer and use their data through internet or without internet.

A lot of large businesses depend on Big Data and that is why it is of critical importance to provide customers with the best security and safety possible. Privacy and security concerns are the most important concerns of any company or any business. If you are a Big Data start up owner, you need to protect your brand name by registering your trademark, to protect your customers and stop people who try to copy your brand name.

Tips for Protecting your Trademark

If you consider big data trademark protection but you still do not know exactly how to get your trademark registered, then these tips will come in handy for you.

  1. Try to search find a trademark that sticks out and that is not descriptive of your services one and do a thorough research on it.

  2. When you have decided on your trademark now you need to search and apply for trademark registration in your key markets. You search your brand in certain product groups called classes. Here are the trademark classes used by some of the worlds hottest Big Data Startups

    1. Software and Apps (Class 9) - All the virtual startups should apply themselves for registration with software and apps class 9 which is appropriate.

    2. Data Collection and Processing (Class 35) - Big data startup is going to make do a lot of data collection and processing, Class 35 is critical for this.

    3. Digital Services and SAAS/PAAS (Class 42) - If you sell your big data solution as digital service subscription, then include class 42 in your search.

  3. After searching make sure that you apply for trademark registration in your key markets. For the European Union you can apply for trademark protection in all EU countries with one trademark application.

  4. Once you are done with searching and applying for classes and your trademark is registered, you should keep monitoring for misuse of your brand name to ensure that no one copies your trademark.