5 key ways to protect your registered trademark

Establishing a business and making it successful is one thing, and then keeping it a success is another task. Similarly, registering your trademark is one thing, and then following the registered trademark protected is the next thing. There are specific ways that can be used to protect your trademark register, and we are going to enlighten you about that.

  1. Registering Trademark in Every Market
    The first step in the protection or selection of your trademark is to first select the trademark, which is only unique to you, and there is no likelihood of confusion with any other trademark. If you are failed to do so, then there are bright chances that your trademark might not get registered, or even if it is registered, it will cause problems for you. After selecting the most appropriate trademark for your business, you should register it all key markets because, if not, it can cause trouble for you. After all, someone else can use it, which causes confusion.  

  2. Own Domains
    Once you have selected the trademark for your business, you will now be able to file an application. Your trademark will neither get registered nor will be protected if your use has flaws. An accurate application requires a specimen like a brochure or a label of your trademark as it will appear along with a picture that will show how it will look. Moreover, you need to make sure you own all exact match domain names to your registered trademarks. The reason is that if your trademark domain name is registered with other businesses, it will create problems and confusion.

  3. Shut Down similar Domains
    If you have an accurately registered trademark, then you can now shut down sites that have similar names but are not logged. You can shut down on Amazon and Alibaba and many other websites, but you need to have your trademark registered adequately first. It gives you the power to take legal actions against the similar name sites and then shut down those as you have legal rights to that trademark.

  4. No Misuse
    Your registered trademark allows you to dismantle any type of abuse of your brand name on social media. If you have got your trademark registered and then you see any kind of propaganda or misuse of the brand name, then you can stop the abuse by taking actions against the ones who are misusing your brand name. It gives you such control authority over your brand name. You need to make sure that no misuse is being done to your trademark.

  5. Full Control of Your Trademark
    A trademark can give you the right to domain names matching your brand. You are now in complete control, and you should protect your brand by taking action against whoever uses it for their own purposes. Make sure you protect it in all key markets and scan digital channels to ensure no one is using your brand without your permission.