Beware the Pirate! Secure Domains and Socials First

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Beware the domain and social media pirates

If you have a full-fledged business or a personal blog, your domain is a strong tool that lets you put out your business, products, services, or just your content to the world. Nowadays, there is hardly any business that can flourish without social media and the internet, which is why the need for security is more important than ever.

You may run a successful business with a wonderful online presence, and you do everything you can to reach out to your audience in an effective manner. However, there are always people with malicious intent, who are looking to capitalize on your website's poor security levels, and they will do anything it takes to bring your business down or try to make some money off of you.

Yes, we are talking about people who hijack your domains and make it impossible for you to run your website without interruption. Let's look at how you can ensure domain security and protect all your social links as soon as possible to avoid these issues.

How to Protect Your Domain?

Your domain is like your address. It is where people know they can find your brand and access your products and services. Think about it: if your company's name is John's Auto Parts, and you change your domain name to "," would people be able to come to your website to find what they need?

Of course not. They don’t know where you are situated, and this is the core reason why you need to ensure that your domain meets all the domain security standards. Here are some ways to go about it.

1. Check Out the Admin Details

When you buy a domain from any domain name provider, make sure that you provide your complete information to them, which should include your full legal name, your address, email address, phone number, and other details. Also, ensure that you don't include any other person in these details, especially if you have hired someone to build your website and have been tasked with buying the domain name.

This way, you will be listed as the owner and registrant of the domain, and this makes your domain much more secure than if you let anyone else put in their credentials as the website admin or registrant.

2. Communicate with the Domain Name Provider

Domain name providers lease out domain names to thousands of people every day, and the usual mode of communication is through emails. Moreover, they also send you your domain name details, username, password, and other sensitive information through emails, which is why it is highly important that their emails don't go to spam.

Moreover, suppose you were running a business and used your business email address to buy a domain. In that case, no one else has access to that email, especially employees who don't have clearance to access such information. Even if someone tries to claim ownership of your account, your domain name provider will contact you through email to resolve the matter quickly.

3. Prevent Domain Transfer

When you buy your domain, you also have the opportunity to lock the domain ownership transfer. This way, it can't be done unless you are contacted and provided with the complete details regarding the person who has requested the transfer, which it will be transferred to, etc. This is a big step to prevent your domain from being hijacked or manipulated.

4. Keep an Eye on the Expiration Dates

Usually, people buy their domain names for only one year, which can be a mistake. Most people forget about the expiration date. Even though your domain name provider sends you reminder emails almost one month before the expiration date, it is very easy to miss out on the emails in the hundreds of emails we receive daily. Therefore, make it a point to remember the domain's expiration date and renew your domain proactively to avoid any issues.

5. Trademark your Domain Name

If you are running a successful business, you can also trademark your domain rather than renew its ownership year after year. By trademarking your domain name with the relevant authorities, you will have an extra layer of protection for your business website. This way, even if someone manages to buy your domain name or steal it from you, they won't be able to use it for anything, as the domain will be protected by law.

Another thing most people do is buy multiple domain names, including those that look or sound similar to the actual one. This way, no one can run a scam or produce a close-to-your knockoff website. With this, we end our article, and we hope you understand the importance of domain security.


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