Best practice for IOT Startup trademark protection

Best practice for IOT Startup trademark protection

Viktor Johansson
Viktor Johansson
March 1, 2022

The 21st century can be described as a digital era with everything just a click away. The impossible is now possible! With just one click, you can operate any device, even if you are miles away. Technology has made our life easier and closer as well!

IoT( Internet of Things) is one of the best innovations of today. IoT is a system of devices or digital machines that are interconnected over the internet network. The computing devices can transfer data without any human-to-human interaction. All one needs is an internet connection and smart digitized devices.

Hence this is why the demand for IoT is increasing with every passing day. The applications can be controlled from any part of the world. The best part; only 5G of the network is required, and the mobile network can control all kinds of digitized devices such as the oven, dishwasher, and even cars. Those traveling can control their whole house, office, or factories through their mobile phones or laptops. Thus, it's no wonder that IoT is becoming famous, and many startups are taking place in the industry.

Tips for Protecting your IoT Startup Trademark

IoT may be a lifesaver for many people; however, business owners are seriously concerned about rising security threats. Henceforth, to protect the brand from being hacked and secure its brand name, it is vital to have the startup trademark registered.

However, if you are a new IoT startup company and are clueless about registering the business with a trademark, then follow these few tips, and the whole procedure would be quite straightforward.

1. Choose a Distinct Trademark

The whole point of getting a company trademark is that customers remember what the business has to offer. The trademark should give some sort of hint of the services being offered. Secondly, choose a unique trademark.

2. Identify Key Classes

Also known as product categories or trademark classes. When you are applying for trademark registration, you would have to choose a trademark from the trademark classes relevant to your IoT startup business.

Here are the trademark classes:

  • Software and Applications (Class 9) - If you would like to protect all the electronic devices, software's or apps.
  • Portal and Platforms (Class 38) - If your IoT startup focuses on communication, then the trademark should be from this category. Several IoT startups make platforms and software portals for the devices to communicate.
  • Digital Services and SAAS/PAAS (Class 42) - This class covers the services if your company wishes to offer digital or technical services.
  • Robots and Hardware (Class 7) - Many factories are replacing humans with robots. This ensures that less human error takes place and saving up on labor costs. Hence, many IoT startups manufacture actual robots, and Class 7 covers these particular services.

3. Apply for Trademark Registration

After choosing the trademark from the product categories, it's time to get the IoT startup registered. If you get the trademark registered for the European Union, you only need one trademark application that would apply for all European countries.

4. Monitor the Brand Name

 After you're done with all the steps, you would want to keep an eye on other IoT companies, that no one copies or misuses the brand name. The trademark should remain distinctive.

IoT Copyrights and IoT Trademarks

There are other methods of protecting the IoT data as well. If the computer programs are original and produced by the company itself, they can be secured through copyrights. Copyrights can protect all the code languages or the data generated. Thus, if someone does misuse or copy your IoT company's work, you can sue the other company. On the other hand, it is still essential to keep the trademarking in your mind. The brand name needs to be protected; in this way, the products and coding would remain unique. This law prevents anyone from misusing the company's byproducts.


With IoT becoming the next big thing in the technological market, new startup companies are emerging and introducing the best products and services. However, the biggest challenges they are currently facing are the security challenges in which data can easily be stolen. Thus, this is why the IoT companies must have trademark protection to further reduce the threats.

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March 1, 2022
Viktor Johansson
Viktor Johansson
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