PropTech is digitizing and trust in brands is crucial for success

We enjoy almost everything that has been brought to us by the modern technology. With everything being digitized recently including food technology, financial services, and learning, real estate services have also become digitized. Now you can not only rent property online, you can sell, value and manage your real estate through digital solutions. You can easily find people offering rentable properties across the globe. AirBnB has left most global hotel chains behind by offering around 3 million rooms all around the globe to its customers. This process of digital real estate services is called “PropTech” which consists of two words i.e. Property Technology.

Real estate is a high trust business. Security for property rentals is critical, likewise customers must be confident in you to entrust you with the management and sales of multi-million properties. When it comes to your brand, trademark registration and maintaining exclusive rights to your brand is the foundation to build the trust required to grow your business.

Tips for Registration of PropTech Trademarks

Here are a few tips which will help you protect your trademark and consequently your business’ reputation.

  1. First, you need to search for a fanciful and distinct trademark for your PropTech business which also gives a hint towards what your business has to offer for your customer.

  2. Once you have selected the trademark, you should search and apply for trademark registration in key your key markets. When you research your trademark, you search in certain product categories that are relevant for you, these
    categories are called trademark classes. Here are the key classes to search based on our research into the hottest PropTech startups.

    1. Protect your software and apps (Class 9) - Protect the software and apps of your Proptech solution in class 9.

    2. Renting of properties (Class 35) - If your business includes renting of properties and you need to register you should search this class as well.

    3. Real Estate Brokerage, Appraisal (Class 36) - This class is crucial if your business involves real estate brokerage or appraisal service.

    4. Real Estate Management and Maintenance (Class 37) - Key class for maintenance and management of your real estate properties.

    5. Digital services and SAAS (Class 42)

  3. After searching make sure that you apply for trademark registration in your key markets. For the European Union you can apply for trademark protection in all EU countries with one trademark application.

  4. Once you are done with searching and applying for classes and your trademark is registered, you should keep monitoring for misuse of your brand name to ensure that no one copies your trademark.