digip™ has 50+ years experience of strategic brand protection from both the legal & digital side.

We founded Digip because we have experienced what it truly feels like to be a young company that did not have access or resources to protect and own their identity early on. We believe what you create really matters. Why shouldn’t you have the same opportunities to protect and own your intellectual property as the world leading brands we’ve worked with? We are creators and founders just like you.

It is fundamentally wrong that hard working entrepreneurs who risk everything don’t have equal opportunity to own their intellectual property. Without ownership of your you can lose control of what you create, just like that. That means a full stop to your creative process. Everything must be redone from scratch. Wouldn’t you rather take the first step and start your IP journey with us today and be the first to own your company’s most valuable asset forever?

Digip is revolutionizing trademark ownership and protection by digitizing the industry. Today you are in the dark and using google search for trademarks: tomorrow you can utilize the fastest trademark engine in the world: any place any time, on demand, and always for free.

With our unique membership model starting from 40 eur everyone can afford to own a trademark and start their journey today. You are provided with access to a global turnkey 24/7 on demand digital IP protection solution that cares and always has your back. The platform is powered by cutting edge technology and an industry leading team of experts with over 50 years of industry experience that are dedicated to helping you remove any obstacles you will encounter to owning your IP.

Join the largest IP owner community in the world and take true ownership of your IP today.

Together we are the future for intellectual property owners.

Guiding principles


With over 50 years experience combined, we are the leaders in trademark protection and experts in our field.


Led by an industry leading certified trademark attorney who is uniquely positioned to ensure the best outcome for your trademark.

Hard working

Founded by creators and entrprenuers with proven track records who believe what you create really matters.


Backed by a revolutionary digital platform and global tech savvy team. We are powered by a digital community of IP owners.


With Digip, everyone can aford to own a trademark. We have a unique membership model starting at just 40 eur per month.

Our Team


Viktor Johansson

Chief Executive Officer Lawyer & Certified EUIPO Trademark Attorney

Christian Vierling

Chief Operations Officer

Jimmy Hörström

Chief Sales Officer

Victor Fredriksson

Chief Technology Officer


Patrick G

Lawyer & Certified EUIPO Trademark Attorney

Sofie H

Legal Operations


Johan Q

Head of Partnerships & Strategic Sales

Katharina K

Senior Strategic Sales Manager

Ting H

Senior Strategic Sales Manager


Bianca R

Digital Marketing Manager

Bianca P

Content and SEO Specialist

Carmela K

Social and Email Specialist

Kishan D

Paid Ads Specialist