Trademark Protection for Life Sciences Startups

Diseases and medical practices have always been an interest of the scientists and they are obsessed with finding the cure to almost every disease on the face of this earth. We also hope that every disease is cured and treated. With the help of new technology, it has now become clear that we can cure diseases more efficiently before. Using the latest digital technologies, many life sciences startups are changing how new drugs are created. The life science startup community has showcased its versatility and speed during the covid-19 pandemic. Spearheading development of drugs and vaccines to fight the virus.

There are millions of people around the globe who are suffering from different conditions which need attention. With the help of life sciences startups, we can now make the world an even better place to live. Diseases like dementia, cancer and heart disease will only increase with an aging population. Even with these challenging diseases the startup community is contributing to better treatments every day.  However, with such sensitive subject in hand, it should be of top priority to deal with the security and safety concerns of the patients and people involved. Securing your trademark is the best way to protect your brand and win customer trust.

Tips for Trademark Protection

Trademark protection is key for life science companies. Here are some top tips on how to protect your brand based on research and analysis on the trademark protection of some of the hottest life science startups.

  1. Finding a suitable name for your life sciences startup is more difficult than you could think. You need to find a trademark which is not descriptive of your product. Also make sure that your trademark sticks out.

  2. After selecting your trademark, you should also search and apply for trademark registration in your key markets. To search you connect your trademarks into product categories called trademark classes. Here are the key trademark classes to consider in your search.

    1. Pharmaceuticals (Class 5) - Key class for anyone that devlops pharmaceuticals.

    2. Medical Devices and Equipment (Class 10) - Key class for development of medical devices.

    3. R&D of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment (Class 42) - If you provide services for development of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, then this class if for you.

    4. Medical Information (Class 44) - If you startup sells services around medical information include this class in your search.

  3. After searching make sure that you apply for trademark registration in your key markets. For the European Union you can apply for trademark protection in all EU countries with one trademark application.

  4. Once you are done with searching and applying for classes and your trademark is registered, you should keep monitoring for misuse of your brand name to ensure that no one copies your trademark.