Top 5 reasons to register your brand as a trademark

Brand registrations are increasing all the time globally. Because of this the number of available trademarks decreases every day. This also mean that the competition for brand registration is global and fierce. It is more important than ever to register your trademark. Every year 7 million brands apply for trademark registrations which is almost 20 000 brand registrations per day. If someone registers your brand they might own the rights to that brand name or its logotype even if you used it before. The cost of resolving the issue might stop your growth plan our even put you out of business. It is crucial to stake your claim and own the exclusive rights to your brand.

Here are the top 5 reasons to register your brand as trademark:

  1. No one can copy your registered trademark without your permission.
  2. Your brand is often the most valuable asset of your company. It is crucial to protect its value through a trademark registration.
  3. If someone misuses your registered trademark you can be entitled to damages.
  4. If you do not own the registered trademark rights someone else might stop you from using it.
  5. Register your brand as a trademark to avoid costly rebranding and customer confusion.

To sum up registering your brand as trademark is like having insurance on your office and company equipment. For a small fee you get peace of mind and get exclusive rights to all brand value you build. Without a trademark your risk lawsuits and the cost to rebrand. Studies show that rebranding can cost up to 5% of a business turnover.  If you want to register your brand as a trademark the best way is to do sufficent research, and if you need assistance our digital search tool can help you research and understand if your brand is available for trademark registration.

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