How trademarks increases value

Registering your brands as trademarks are as essential as protecting your other assets. Businesses who have gone through a trademark dispute with or without a registered trademark understands how important it is. Having a well-registered trademark has massive legal benefits compared to an unregistered counterpart and will either be of great value in a dispute or keep you out of them altogether. You can get your trademark registered quickly, and it will help you expand your business to other regions as well. It has an easy application process and will give you broad coverage. It has benefits that you will understand once you have registered your trademark. Here are the reasons how trademark registration increases your company’s value.

  1. How the Company Value is Increased
    Registering a trademark is essential because of several reasons, and there are many advantages to it as well. The first and foremost reason for registering your trademark would be the protection it gives you. The other benefits or purposes of registering a trademark are given below.

  2. Broader Access
    There are 27 member countries of Europe, and if you would like to expand your business in Europe, then you should get your trademark registered as soon as possible because it will give you protection in all European states. You don’t have to go through the trouble of registering with every country separately. You will also have access to more than half a billion potential customers in Europe. Online advertisement of your brand will also be more comfortable with trademark protection.

  3. Protection to Consumers
    If you look at the geographical scope of the trademark protection in Europe, you would realize that it is very inexpensive in comparison to others. Moreover, this trademark protection not only protects the business owners but also the customers as well, which will increase the customers’ faith in the company, causing an increase in consumers and revenue.

  4. Increase in Income
    According to a study by the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), 58% of companies believe that trademarks are of high importance. According to USPTO, companies that file for trademark protection in their first year of business had three times higher revenue after five years than companies that did not register. According to EUIPO, companies that have filed a trademark application for their key markets had a 13% increased chance of a period of high revenue growth.

  5. Protection of Intellectual Property
    A healthy and well-managed portfolio of registered trademarks and other IP rights can provide benefits that are not even in the mainstream business world. Along with your physical assets, registered IP rights are classified as pieces of property, and they can be mortgaged, licensed or even sold quickly. A complete business’ portfolio would rather have higher value because it will establish your business as reliable in the long run. Just like an artist can increase its value by making a portfolio. Similarly, a business owner can increase its value by registered trademarks.