Entrepreneur thinking about trademark protection

SaaS or Software as a Service is a new technology must-have. It has now become essential for almost every business startup. Almost all startups have some elements of SaaS in their business model. It is a cloud-based service in which you can easily access applications using any internet browser without any need of downloading the software.

Startups like Slack, Zoom, and Shopify is empowering all organization to work in ever more digital ways. Already the next generation of SaaS startups is being developed around the world.

A registered trademark is one of the most valuable assets of any SaaS business. The globalized business of most SaaS businesses makes trademark registration particularly challenging. Still, the brand of any SaaS business will be its most assets. Here are a few pro tips for your trademark protection for SaaS startup based on analysis of some of the world’s hottest SaaS startups.

Pro Tips for SaaS trademark protection

  1. Your SaaS brand as the first thing that catches your customers’ eyes, and they are looking for something that forms a lasting impact on them. Choosing a strong trademark can benefit your startup business in ways you cannot even imagine. To find a strong trademark for your startup you avoid generic trademarks because of the simplicity and over usage of the term can cause ambiguity. Descriptive, suggestive, and arbitrary types of trademarks can also cause problems. It is recommended to use a fanciful trademark and a name that educates the audience about the brand and it must stand out among your competitors.

  2. As a famous saying goes, think before you speak, you should also research before you register your trademark. It is of utmost importance that you search your trademark in every aspect once you have branded your SaaS startup. You should know if it is already in use by some other business because it can cause infringement issues with another business which can put you out of business or at least severely impact your costs.

  3. To research your trademark thoroughly you should search and then apply for trademark registration in key trademark classes that are relevant for you.
    1. Protect your software and apps (Class 9)
    2. Marketplaces & Portals (Class 38)
    3. Your core SaaS services (Class 42)

  4. Apply for trademark protection in your key markets. As a borderless digital business where your customers are based and where you get website traffic from are good indicators. For the European Union, you can apply for trademark protection in all EU countries with one trademark application which is very convenient.

  5. Trademark registration never expires if you continue using the mark and renewal deadlines are met regularly. Monitor and watch your registered trademark, if your trademark is being used by any unauthorized person, you should immediately act.