A Complete List of International Trademark Classes
A Complete List of International Trademark Classes
Viktor Johansson
Viktor Johansson
March 28, 2023

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) uses a trademark classification system to group similar marks together. If you'd like to register your mark through the Madrid International Trademark System, it must fall under at least one of the 45 international trademark classes outlined in the Nice Classification of Goods and Services.  

Picking the Right Trademark Class 

Your trademark class sets the scope of protection for your trademark. When you register your mark under a specific trademark class, you can stop others in the same class or industry from using marks that are very similar to yours. 

Sometimes, your trademark will fall into more than one category. Let's say you run a makeup studio that offers makeup services, runs classes for freelance makeup artists, and sells an in-house brand of cosmetic products. Aside from class 44 (Medical, Cosmetic, and Agricultural Services), you'll need to register your mark under class 41 (Education, Entertainment, and Cultural Services) and class 3 (Cosmetics and Cleaning Products). 

The Nice Classification is used by several trademark authorities including the WIPO, EUIPO, UKIPO, USPTO, and many more. If you’re thinking about trademarking your brand in multiple territories, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the Nice trademark classes.  

If your trademark application lists incorrect or incomplete class information, the trademark office may reject your submission.   

To help you determine which class your mark belongs to, we've put together a complete list of international trademark classes, along with examples for each class. 

Trademark Classes for Goods  

Class 1 - Chemicals 

Chemicals for use in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics; fire extinguishing and fire prevention compositions; tempering and soldering preparations; substances for tanning animal skins and hides; adhesives for use in industry; putties and other paste fillers; compost, manures, fertilizers; biological preparations for use in industry and science.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 1 include BASF SE, WR Grace & Co-Conn, and Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.  

Class 2 - Paints  

Paints, varnishes, lacquers; preservatives against rust and against deterioration of wood; colorants, dyes; inks for printing, marking and engraving; raw natural resins; metals in foil and powder form for use in painting, decorating, printing and art. Explanatory Note Class 2 includes mainly paints, colorants and preparations used for protection against corrosion.  

Trademarks under trademark class 2 include Alumilite, Gorilla Incredibly Strong, and Winner.  

Class 3 – Cosmetics and Cleaning Products  

Non-medicated cosmetics and toiletry preparations; non-medicated dentifrices; perfumery, essential oils; bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations.   

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 3 include Maybelline, Listerine, and Biolage.  

Class 4 - Industrial Oils, Illuminants, and Fuels  

Industrial oils and greases, wax; lubricants; dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions; fuels and illuminants; candles and wicks for lighting.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 4 include Shell Oil Company, Chevron Intellectual Property LLC, and Exxon Mobil Corporation.  

Class 5 - Pharmaceuticals  

Medical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations for medical purposes; dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use, food for babies; dietary supplements for human beings and animals; plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 5 include NatureMade, Persona, and Always (feminine products).  

Class 6 - Common Metals  

Common metals and their alloys, ores; metal materials for building and construction; transportable buildings of metal; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; small items of metal hardware; metal containers for storage or transport; safes. Explanatory Note Class 6 includes mainly unwrought and partly wrought common metals, including ores, as well as certain goods made of common metals.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 6 include Allied Tube & Conduit Corporation, Arconic Inc., and NCI Group, Inc.    

Class 7 - Machinery  

Machines; machine tools, power-operated tools; motors and engines, except for land vehicles; machine coupling and transmission components, except for land vehicles; agricultural implements, other than hand-operated hand tools; incubators for eggs; automatic vending machines.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 7 include Illinois Tool Works Inc., Tacony Corporation, and Nordson Corporation.  

Class 8 - Hand Tools  

Hand tools and implements, hand-operated; cutlery; side arms, except firearms; razors. Explanatory Note Class 8 includes mainly hand-operated tools and implements for performing tasks, such as drilling, shaping, cutting and piercing.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 8 include Conair LLC, ACME United Corporation, and Cold Steel, Inc.  

Class 9 - Computer, Electrical, and Scientific Products  

Scientific, research, navigation, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, audiovisual, optical, weighing, measuring, signaling, detecting, testing, inspecting, life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling the distribution or use of electricity; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing or processing sound, images or data; recorded and downloadable media, computer software, blank digital or analogue recording and storage media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating devices; computers and computer peripheral devices; diving suits, divers' masks, ear plugs for divers, nose clips for divers and swimmers, gloves for divers, breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; fire-extinguishing apparatus.  

Trademarks under trademark class 9 include POWERHOUSE PLUS by IGT, WINDOWS by Microsoft Corporation, and FLOW MACHINES by Sony Corporation.  

Class 10 - Medical Instruments  

Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments; artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopedic articles; suture materials; therapeutic and assistive devices adapted for persons with disabilities; massage apparatus; apparatus, devices and articles for nursing infants; sexual activity apparatus, devices and articles.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 10 include Baxter International Inc., Abbott Laboratories, and ConMed Corporation.  

Class 11 - Environmental Control Instruments  

Apparatus and installations for lighting, heating, cooling, steam generating, cooking, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 11 include Goodman Manufacturing, the Carrier Corporation, and Mitsubishi Electric.  

Class 12 - Vehicles and Locomotives  

Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air, or water.  

Trademarks under trademark class 12 include Ferrari's Four-Cylinder Engine, McLaren's Artura, and the Jaguar X-Type.  

Class 13 - Firearms  

Firearms; ammunition and projectiles; explosives; fireworks.  

Trademarks under trademark class 13 include Harrington & Richardson Young America Double Action, Smith & Wesson I-Frame, and Remington Model 1100.  

Class 14 - Precious Metals  

Precious metals and their alloys; jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments.  

Companies with trademarks trademark class 14 include Van Cleef & Arpels’ Alhambra jewelry collection, Cartier, and Tiffany and Co.  

Class 15 - Musical Instruments  

Musical instruments; music stands and stands for musical instruments; conductors' batons.  

Companies with trademarks trademark class 15 include Gibson, Harman Professional, Yamaha, Fender Musical Instruments, and Steinway Musical Instruments.  

Class 16 - Paper Goods and Printed Materials  

Paper and cardboard; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery and office requisites, except furniture; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; drawing materials and materials for artists; paintbrushes; instructional and teaching materials; plastic sheets, films and bags for wrapping and packaging; printers' type, printing blocks.  

Trademarks under trademark class 16 include The Washington Times newspaper, as well as Hallmark's decorative notepaper, gift wrapping paper, datebooks, and albums.  

Class 17 - Insulating Materials  

Unprocessed and semi-processed rubber, gutta-percha, gum, asbestos, mica and substitutes for all these materials; plastics and resins in extruded form for use in manufacture; packing, stopping and insulating materials; flexible pipes, tubes and hoses, not of metal.  

Trademarks under trademark class 17 include Eaton Aeroquip® Hose Assembly, Ultravision Window Film, and Active Window Films.  

Class 18 - Leather Products  

Leather and imitations of leather; animal skins and hides; luggage and carrying bags; umbrellas and parasols; walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; collars, leashes and clothing for animals.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 18 include Aveda, Chanel, and Sativa.  

Class 19 - Non-metallic Construction Materials  

Materials, not of metal, for building and construction; rigid pipes, not of metal, for building; asphalt, pitch, tar and bitumen; transportable buildings, not of metal; monuments, not of metal.  

Trademarks under trademark class 19 include Insul-Glass Insulating Glass, Aristopane Insulating Glass, and Super Geotextile by Hodach LLC.  

Class 20 - Furniture  

Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; containers, not of metal, for storage or transport; unworked or semi-worked bone, horn, whalebone or mother-of-pearl; shells; meerschaum; yellow amber.  

Trademarks under trademark class 20 include PRIMOS by Disney Enterprises, Inc., Sleep Love Share by Kingsdown, Inc., and Inspire by American Woodmark Corporation.  

Class 21 - Houseware and Glass Products  

Household or kitchen utensils and containers; cookware and tableware, except forks, knives and spoons; combs and sponges; brushes, except paintbrushes; brush-making materials; articles for cleaning purposes; unworked or semi-worked glass, except building glass; glassware, porcelain and earthenware.  

Trademarks under trademark class 21 include Bake it Simply by Wilton Industries, Inc., Cool by Igloo Products Corp., and Tupperware Essentials by Dart Industries Inc.  

Class 22 - Ropes, Cordage, and Fibers  

Ropes and string; nets; tents and tarpaulins; awnings of textile or synthetic materials; sails; sacks for the transport and storage of materials in bulk; padding, cushioning and stuffing materials, except of paper, cardboard, rubber or plastics; raw fibrous textile materials and substitutes.  

Trademarks under trademark class 22 include Arolina Hammocks by Hatteras Hammocks, Inc., Northpointe by Coulter, and Nature Hike by Chen Zhinan.  

Class 23 - Yarns and Threads  

Yarns and threads for textile use.  

Trademarks under trademark class 23 include Coboo by Orchard Yarn and Thread Company Inc., Tencel by Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft, and Butterfly by Universal Yarn, Inc.  

Class 24 - Textiles  

Textiles and substitutes for textiles; household linen; curtains of textile or plastic.  

Trademarks under trademark class 24 include 3XDRY by Schoeller Textil USA, Darlexx Superskin, and Lycra.  

Class 25 - Clothing  

Clothing, footwear, headwear for human beings.  

Trademarks under trademark class 25 include Gel Touch by Vanity Fair, Inc., Wrangler Workwear by Wrangler Apparel Corp., and Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch Trading Co.  

Class 26 - Costume Articles  

Lace, braid and embroidery, and haberdashery ribbons and bows; buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles; artificial flowers; hair decorations; false hair.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 26 include Hair Zone, Inc., Goody Products, Inc., and YKK Corporation.  

Class 27 - Floor Coverings  

Carpets, rugs, mats and matting, linoleum and other materials for covering existing floors; wall hangings, not of textile.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 27 include Bentley Mills, Inc., Colour and Design, Inc., and Mohawk Carpet Distribution, Inc.  

Class 28 - Toys, Sporting Goods, and Ornaments  

Games, toys and playthings; video game apparatus; gymnastic and sporting articles; decorations for Christmas trees.  

Trademarks under trademark class 28 include Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., Mattel, Inc., and Disney Enterprises, Inc.  

Class 29 - Meats and Processed Foods  

Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; eggs; milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and other milk products; oils and fats for food.  

Companies with trademarks in trademark class 29 include Frito-Lay North America, Inc., Kellogg North America Company, and Kraft Foods Global Brands LLC.  

Class 30 - Staple Foods  

Coffee, tea, cocoa and artificial coffee; rice, pasta and noodles; tapioca and sago; flour and preparations made from cereals; bread, pastries and confectionery; chocolate; ice cream, sorbets and other edible ices; sugar, honey, treacle; yeast, baking powder; salt, seasonings, spices, preserved herbs; vinegar, sauces and other condiments; ice (frozen water).  

Companies with trademarks in trademark class 30 include The Quaker Oats Company, Mars Incorporated, and Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.  

Class 31 - Raw Agricultural Products  

Raw and unprocessed agricultural, aquacultural, horticultural and forestry products; raw and unprocessed grains and seeds; fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs; natural plants and flowers; bulbs, seedlings and seeds for planting; live animals; foodstuffs and beverages for animals; malt.  

Companies with trademarks in trademark class 31 include Societe des Produits Nestle S.A., Monsanto Technology LLC, and Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.  

Class 32 - Light Beverages  

Beers; non-alcoholic beverages; mineral and aerated waters; fruit beverages and fruit juices; syrups and other non-alcoholic preparations for making beverages.  

Companies with trademarks in trademark class 32 include Anheuser-Busch, LLC, Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc., and Monster Energy Company.  

Class 33 - Wines and Spirits  

Alcoholic beverages, except beers; alcoholic preparations for making beverages.  

Companies with trademarks in trademark class 33 include Delicato Vineyards, Bacardi & Company Limited, and Jim Beam Brands Co.  

Class 34 - Tobacco and Smoker's Products  

Tobacco and tobacco substitutes; cigarettes and cigars; electronic cigarettes and oral vaporizers for smokers; smokers' articles; matches.  

Companies with trademarks in trademark class 34 include British American Tobacco (Brands) Limited, Philip Morris Products S.A., and R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.  

Trademark Classes for Services 

Class 35 - Advertising and Business Services  

Advertising; business management, organization and administration; office functions.  

Companies with trademarks in trademark class 35 include Ogilvy, Grubhub (directory of restaurants), and Deloitte. 

Class 36 - Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate Services  

Financial, monetary and banking services; insurance services; real estate affairs.  

Trademarks under this class include PREDICTIFY by the Bank of America, Equiview by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., and Priceless by MasterCard International Incorporated.  

Class 37 - Construction and Repair Services  

Construction services; installation and repair services; mining extraction, oil and gas drilling.  

Trademarks under trademark class 37 include Ask Orkin by Orkin Expansion, Inc., Roger the Plumber by American Residential Services L.L.C., and CERTAINPATH Trademark Information by Aquila Investment Group, LLC.  

Class 38 - Telecommunication Services  

Services that enable people to communicate by electronic means.  

Trademarks under trademark class 38 include AUDIENCEXPRESS by Comcast Corporation, T Mobile by Deutsche Telekom AG, and AT&T DATACONNECT by AT&T Intellectual Property II, L.P.  

Class 39 - Transportation and Storage Services  

Transport; packaging and storage of goods; travel arrangement.  

Trademarks under trademark class 39 include Safehaul by U-Haul International, Inc., SHIPEXEC by United Parcel Service of America, Inc., and Hertz Fleet Services by Hertz System, Inc.  

Class 40 - Mechanical or Chemical Processing Services  

Treatment of materials; recycling of waste and trash; air purification and treatment of water; printing services; food and drink preservation.  

Trademarks under trademark class 40 include CORE - Wasted Food Is Wasted Energy by WM Intellectual Property Holdings, L.L.C., Beyond The Bin by Casella Waste Systems, Inc., and Nextera Energy Resources by Nextera Energy, Inc.  

Class 41 - Education, Entertainment, and Cultural Services  

Education; training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities.  

Trademarks under trademark class 41 include Beyond the Baseline by the NCAA, the Art in the Park Concert Series by the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, Inc., and Survivor Outwit Outplay Outlast Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites by Survivor Productions.  

Class 42 - Scientific and Computer Software Services  

Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis, industrial research and industrial design services; quality control and authentication services; design and development of computer hardware and software.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 42 include Canva, AGRIAN, and JIFF (parenting skills software).    

Class 43 - Restaurant and Hotel Services  

Services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodation.  

Companies with trademarks under trademark class 43 include McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC.  

Class 44 - Medical, Cosmetic, and Agricultural Services  

Medical services; veterinary services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry services.  

Trademarks under trademark class 44 include MAYO CLINIC by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research and ALLERGAN.  

Class 45 – Personal, Social, and Legal Services  

Security services for the physical protection of tangible property and individuals; personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals.  

Trademarks under trademark class 45 include Veterans Cremation and Burial Services by Torres Rafael, AVHQ Rental Services by Audio Visual Services Corporation, and Rent-a-Home by Triangle Properties & Asset Management, LLC.   

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March 28, 2023
Viktor Johansson
Viktor Johansson
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