1. Trademark, Domain

    Beware the Pirate! Secure Domains and Socials First

    About to trademark your brand? Good! However, if you file your trademark application before registering your domain names and social media accounts there is a huge risk that a cybersquatter hi-jacks...

    Trademark, Domain
  2. Trademark

    Best Practice for SaaS Startup Trademark Protection

    73 % of companies indicate that all of their apps will be Saas by the end of 2020. In today's market, it is crucial to protect your most important asset, your brand. In this post, we offer a guide o...

  3. Trademark

    How Trademark Registrations Increases Company Value

    Before understanding the trademark industry most believe that a well-protected brand is only associated with higher costs. We say that a registered trademark actually increases your business value. In...

  4. Trademark

    The Power of a European Trademark

    Selecting a trademark strategy is often difficult if you have no prior knowledge in the field. Should you trademark your brand on a national level or are there other options available to you? Which on...

  5. Trademark

    Top 5 Reasons to Register Your Brand as a Trademark

    Entreprenurs and Startups will always run into the question of why it is important to register your brand as a trademark and if it is worth the cost. Our answer is a resounding yes, and in this post w...

  6. Trademark

    Best Practice for Fintech Startup Trademark Protection

    FinTech plays a big part in the worlds digitization progress. FinTech companies has a great opportunity create a business with a reputation of integrity, trust and stability. Your brands reputation is...


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